HR Strategy

Our approach is simple.

HR Strategy

Helping organisations to understand their organisation’s potential and removing or minimising obstacles (interference) is critical to maximising organisational performance.

Many organisations design their organisational strategy and forget about the impact on their most important resource: their people. Other organisations focus on implementing best practice and forget about business outcomes.

We help you to link organisational strategy and people strategy together, to ensure alignment and help to drive organisational performance.

The scope of the work may be:

  • broad: building an HR strategy for an entire organisation, or
  • narrow: focused on a team or particular area of HR expertise.
HR Strategy

To ensure that the strategy is effective and outcome focused, we work with you to identify the Why, What, and How.

The Why
We work with you to understand your organisation’s potential.

We start by understanding what it is your business is trying to achieve, and the relevant time frames, KPIs and deliverables associated with this. This is critical to designing a solution that is aligned to organisational outcomes.

The What
We then work to understand what the current issues and interference are.

We study your organisational processes and systems, cultures, behaviours, values and beliefs to understand what’s truly driving these behaviours. Many organisations and HR professionals focus only on creating processes and systems without addressing the culture, values and behaviours underpinning and impacting on organisational performance. We use current data and other tools such as focus groups, engagement studies and culture surveys, facilitated team days, data analysis and metrics and 1:1 sessions with leaders and teams to understand these blockers.

The How
We work with you to create a strategy that maximises performance by:
  • defines success;
  • aligning strategy to organisational goals;
  • offers a long term perspective; and
  • is easily operationalised to support implementation.

We test to make sure that the change is realistic, yet challenging enough to see real outcomes realised.

Communication and change plans we can help you to create engagement and buy-in through structured change and communication plans, aligned to your organisation’s values, and culture.

Implementation we can work with you on the implementation of your strategy, and can tailor our approach based on budget and timeframes.