Coaching – Our Approach

Because everyone is different we take a tailored approach to your coaching needs.

Often coaching is commissioned by an organisation in support of an individual employee or alternatively it may be arranged privately.

Our programs typically involve:

Initial meet and greet

We will set up an initial meet and greet to make sure that the ‘fit’ is right. Individuals need to feel comfortable with their coach to ensure that they get the maximum out of their sessions.


We will also determine whether coaching is the right solution for you – we will talk about what coaching is and isn’t and make sure that coaching will help you achieve your outcomes.

For those sponsored by their organisations, we will meet with you and your manager, to discuss the outcomes and goals of the coaching. We will agree upfront how progress will be reported and communication managed.

Design a program

Based on your goals and aspirations we will design a program for you. Typically coaching programs run for between 6-8 sessions, on a fortnightly basis but this can be varied depending upon individual capacity, availability and needs.


Each session typically runs for 1-1.5 hours depending upon availability. During these sessions we will explore your goals using challenging and insightful questioning, reflection, ongoing and two-way feedback, different perspectives and most importantly a relaxed and informal style.

Many people worry about how to ‘use’ a coach and whether they are ‘doing it right’. There is no right or wrong way and it is important that the dialogue between coach and individual is honest, authentic and safe, allowing for a deep exploration of issues and challenges.

As part of the sessions it may be useful to use a range of diagnostic tools to explore behaviours, working styles and preferences including:

  • 360 feedback from peers, clients, managers and team
  • Psychometric tools
  • Performance reviews and other feedback

Midway through your coaching program we will conduct a midpoint review to ensure that the coaching is on track and meets your needs and goals. We encourage open and honest feedback throughout to ensure that we tailor your program appropriately.

At the end of the program we will reassess the goals of the coaching program and the progress made. A review meeting will be held with individual and their manager to discuss outcomes and agree any ongoing support.