Caroline Graham was selected by Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) to develop a People Strategy, that would ensure PARC is best positioned to attract, retain and develop talent. Caroline quickly become considered by staff as an extended team member and worked collaboratively with senior management to ensure the Strategy not only met the brief, but was a document that would be used in practise to guide the our approach to managing and supporting our people. The Strategy deeply considered the Company’s strategic plan and has been embraced by Management. As CEO of PARC I would strongly recommend Caroline Graham for strategic projects such as the development of our People Strategy.

Tim Geldhill

CEO, Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC)

We brought in Caroline on the recommendation of our Company Secretary and she did not disappoint.  The working environment was a tense and tricky one, which required diplomacy, sensitivity and a consultative approach with all staff.  She navigated this environment really, really well.  We also had amazingly positive feedback from staff who took the opportunity to have 1:1 career focused sessions with Caroline.  Everyone came away from those sessions with more confidence, new ideas and feeling better about themselves and their careers.  I would highly recommend Caroline to both companies and individuals and will definitely keep in touch with her going forward into my own new career!

Chris White

Business Development Manager, Centre for Excellence In Preventative Science CEIPS

What I appreciated most about working with Caroline was her ability to cut through the predictable and standard advice and her skill in drawing out the underlying issues and creating an environment for self-reflection. Caroline brings a wealth of expert knowledge coupled with a high degree of emotional intelligence, which she successfully leverages to assist her clients in HR matters.

Caroline is a rare find, her ability to quickly size up a situation, ask the right questions and provide insightful advice that supports her clients to come up with their own solutions. She is a true professional and her coaching, particularly in relation to career progression and change management is of an exceptional standard. I would highly recommend her to individuals and organisations seeking coaching services, overall HR management or to deal with specific HR management challenges.

Christine Siokou

Research Fellow, CEIPS

I have worked closely with Caroline for over a decade, and can readily attest to her strategic HR capability, coaching skills, and senior experience. She is highly professional, extremely intelligent and focused, and always brings to the table a commercial, “real-world”  delivery of HR solutions. Caroline’s inherent understanding of the aligned dynamics of leadership, management, culture, and organisational behaviour, also quickly set her apart. A true HR professional!!!

David McClune

Chief Marketing Officer, Shearman & Stirling

Caroline has coached me through various stages of my career, which coincided with a number of personal/life changes.  Her ability to ask the right questions and challenge my thinking and assumptions has hugely contributed to me having the successful career I have today.  Rather than giving me the answers, she gave me the confidence to come up with the right answers myself – for me this was the best thing about having a fantastic coach. I am very grateful to Caroline for the time she spent with me, and would not hesitate to use her coaching services in the future, and would recommend her to anyone.

Kirsty White

HR professional

I highly value Caroline’s intellect, depth of HR knowledge, ability to challenge and approach issues objectively, and her genuine and friendly disposition.

Caroline’s ability to draw out and really understand the crux of issues in an empathetic and engaged manner is a special strength. She has a natural approach to asking insightful questions and then offering avenues on how to identify, reframe and set a plan to achieve the desired outcome. Caroline comes to problems with an open mind and deep curiosity – whether it be wise counsel or active problem solving, Caroline always achieves the perfect balance of support and constructive action.

Caroline is an authentic communicator and has great insights into behaviours and motivations which allows her to quickly build high quality and trusted relationships. She always shows significant skill, confidence, concern, and social sensitivity in her relationships.

Having been a recipient of her skilled coaching and seeing her in action over several years at all levels of the business, I would highly recommend Caroline for her professional coaching and HR services.

Susan Feilding


Caroline is highly respected for her deep understanding of the business and industry, her strategic approach and her ability to challenge the status quo.  Her approach to her work is practical and pragmatic and sage advice highly valued.

In my role as Talent and Performance Manager, Caroline has been invaluable in providing many creative and commercial solutions for how we change our approach to performance management and manage the complexity of moving away from performance grades.

She is an amazing coach and mentor, which is something that comes to her naturally.   She is a leader who leads by example and is an inspiration to many.

 I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline and recommend her for leadership, coaching, and strategic consulting.

Simone Weston

OD Manager